E-mail Security, Check Security, Bank Account SecurityCHECKING ACCOUNT SECURITY - CREDIT CARD SECURITY

In an effort to provide our customers with up to date information we would like take the time to express our concern regarding checking account and credit card information.

Members of the PPH Forms division will NEVER ask you to send your bank account information or credit card number via e-mail. There are unscrupulous individuals who will "Mask" e-mail addresses that may look like they are original e-mail messages from PPH Forms Division and ask for this information. If you have any question regarding an e-mail that you receive you should contact your account manager or our Fraud Department at (888) 287-3970 Ext 500.

In an effort to explain the various methods that individuals may use to try and obtain your information for fraudulent use please read the information below thoroughly. Should you have any questions please feel free to contact us.

E-mail solicitation - You are assigned an individual account manager when you contact PPH Forms division. An e-mail will be sent with the extension of your account manager so you may contact them directly. Your account manager will never ask that you send bank account or credit card information via e-mail. If you have not received an e-mail containing your account mangers name and extension, or if your account manager has ever asked for this information via e-mail, please contact us using the toll free number (888) 287-3970 Ext 500. The only fax number that should be used to transmit account information is (888) 293-9620.

False Web Addresses - Some individuals will try to copy web pages so that they "look" like legitimate PPH Web Pages  but they will actually gather your information for fraudulent use. Our web pages that request sensitive checking account data begin with "https://" You may receive an e-mail that says Click Here to verify your information. The link may lead to one of these false web pages that capture your information and delivers it to the perpetrator. Our customer service team DOES NOT send out links that ask you to verify information. If we need clarification on any order, your account manager will contact you directly via phone or fax requesting your return call. Web sites that begin with https:// will also display a padlock icon in the bottom right hand corner of your browser. If you should encounter a page that does not reflect the above security measures please contact the fraud department as listed above before entering any of your information.

We work hard to maintain a secure environment and ensure the security of your individual data, and utilizing the information above you can help deter bank and check fraud.

The PPH Forms Division Fraud Team


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