Are You Protected? Viruses are developed and released every day. Is your computer system protected?

We can provide training and installation of an anti-virus system that will aid in protecting your computer.


Professional PC Help Service Division We perform on-site services for business professionals and residents of the Bradley and Hamilton Counties. At Professional PC Help, we strive to excel in our field of research and instruction to provide the end user with the most comprehensive computer training available. This extensive training is meant to provide the user the ability to reach their goals as well as retain their working knowledge of the product(s) and increase their level of comfort in utilizing computer applications. Training Is available for:


Microsoft Word
Microsoft Excel
Microsoft PowerPoint
Microsoft FrontPage
Microsoft Outlook

Quicken & QuickBooks
Microsoft Money
Microsoft Windows
E-Mail, & The Internet
Virus Prevention & Removal

Corporate Training
We can provide a corporate training program to free your resources and train your new employees with the computer skills they will need.

On Site Assistance
Trained professionals come to your home or office to provide one-on-one technical support or training.

What is a firewall? Do I need one? How do I Operate Windows? Can I learn E-mail? These are the questions we can answer and help you fully understand your computer.

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